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Thoughts From A Diva

Random images and thoughts from a misplaced Minnesota Diva trying to survive in Wisconsin.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Good News!

Researchers Say U.S. Can Eliminate Oil Use in a Few Decades

A report written by Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute and
co-funded by the Pentagon claims that the United States can eliminate
all oil use by 2050. According to the institute, at an average cost of
$12 per barrel, the U.S. can halve its oil use through efficiency, and
then replace the other half with biofuels and natural gas – all
without taxation or new federal regulation. The report, "Winning the
Oil Endgame," shows that by 2015, the U.S. can save more oil than it
gets from the Middle East, by 2025, use less oil than in 1970, by
2040, import no oil, and, by 2050, use no oil at all. There would be a
net savings of $70 billon per year, which would "act like a giant tax
cut for the nation," according to Lovins.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

No way, Jack!

"I'm complimented as well... as long as you don't start referring to me as 'asshole' or some other 'endearing epithet'."

I could never do that!

I think I need to change Asshole's name. He isn't always an asshole and I don't like calling him that.

So, I think I will start calling him my Viking. Since he is a Minnesotan and that is his favorite team.

Fair enough?