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Random images and thoughts from a misplaced Minnesota Diva trying to survive in Wisconsin.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Playing Catch Up

As you can see from all the posts yesterday, I was truly bored.

Just thought I would catch people up in case anyone was still reading this crap.

Pat and I are still together.  We had a huge blowout fight the other day.  Got a lot of stuff out in the open.  The end result is that he has gotten a good, reliable job and will be helping with the bills.

I managed to buy a car.  I am driving a 1998 Dodge Stratus.  Bright red.  It has a lot of miles, but it still runs pretty well.

Work still sucks, but it is getting better.

I am learning a lot about my heritage.  One of my cousins has been doing a lot of work on genealogy lately.  They have discovered that my great-great grandfather and uncle rode with Quantrill Raiders after the Civil War.

And on the other side of the family, I have learned that my great-grandfather came over from Switzerland with 6 of his brothers. They settled in different parts of America and Canada.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Anyway, hope all is well in your world.

Friday, August 26, 2005

9 Layers

-- Name: D'Arcy
-- Birth date: 3/29/67
-- Birthplace: Albany, OR
-- Current Location: Onalaska, WI

-- Eye Color: Brown/Green
-- Hair Color: Currently reddish/blonde
-- Height: 5'2"
-- Righty or Lefty: Righty
-- Zodiac Sign: Aries

-- Your heritage: Irish, Scot, Welsh, Swiss
-- The shoes you wore today: Phat tennis shoes
-- Your weakness: My kids
-- Your fears: Creepy crawly things, heights
-- Your perfect pizza: Pepperoni and Black Olive
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: Living in Australia

-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: lol
-- Your first waking thoughts: damn! I don't wanna get up
-- Your best physical feature: My boobs
-- Your most missed memory: Hanging with Hope

-- Pepsi or Coke: Coke
-- McDonald's or Burger King: McD's
-- Single or group dates: Single
-- Adidas or Nike: Nike
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither
-- Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
-- Cappuccino or coffee: Neither

-- Smoke: Nope
-- Cuss: Yep
-- Sing: Yep - badly
-- Take a shower everyday: Most days
-- Do you think you've been in love: I know I have
-- Want to go to college: Sure
-- Liked high school: Nope
-- Want to get married: Nope
-- Believe in yourself: Yes
-- Get motion sickness: Nope
-- Think you're attractive: Nope
-- Think you're a health freak: Nope
-- Get along with your parent(s): Yes
-- Like thunderstorms: Yes
-- Play an instrument: Yes

LAYER SIX: In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: Yes
-- Smoked: Nope
-- Done a drug: Nope
-- Made Out: Yes
-- Gone on a date: Nope
-- Gone to the mall?: Yes
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Nope
-- Eaten sushi: Nope
-- Been on stage: Nope
-- Been dumped: Nope
-- Gone skating: Nope
-- Made homemade cookies: Yes
-- Gone skinny dipping:  Nope
-- Dyed your hair: Yes
-- Stolen Anything: Nope

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yes
-- Been caught "doing something":  Nope
-- Been called a tease: Nope
-- Gotten beaten up: Nope
-- Shoplifted: Nope
-- Changed who you were to fit in: Nope

-- Age you hope to be married: Never again
-- Numbers and Names of Children: Anthony, Lucas, Meghan
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: Nope
-- How do you want to die: quickly
-- Where you want to go to college: Wherever
-- What do you want to be when you grow up:  I don't wanna grow up
-- What country would you most like to visit: Australia

-- Number of drugs taken illegally: 1
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 5
-- Number of CDs that I own: 15-20
-- Number of piercings: 2
-- Number of tattoos: 3
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: 3
-- Number of scars on my body: Too many to count
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: No regrets


Ten movies you'd watch over and over:
1. Bull Durham
2. Field of Dreams
3. Too Wong Foo
4. Twister
5. Michael
6. Princess Diaries
7. Blazing Saddles
8. M*A*S*H
9. Green Mile
10. Princess Bride

Nine people you enjoy the company of:
1. Gretchen
2. Penny
3. Deb
4. Dawn
5. Dawn
6. Stef
7. Pat
8. Janie
9. Darlene

Eight things you're wearing:
1. Shirt
2. Shorts
3. Bra
4. Undies
5. Socks
6. Glasses
7. Shoes
8. Hair clip

Seven things on your mind:
1. Bills
2. Brother
3. Work
4. Cat
5. Football
6. Headache
7. Rain

Six objects you touch every day:
1. Car keys
2. Computer
3. Meghan
4. Pat
5. Cats
6. Hairbrush

Five things you do everyday:
1. Brush my hair
2. Check my e-mail
3. Watch the news
4. Smile
5. Hug someone

Four bands or musical artists that you couldn't live without:
1. Montgomery Gentry
2. Toby Keith
3. Led Zeppelin
4. Queen

Three of your favorite songs of the moment:
1. Hell Yeah
2. Stays in Mexico
3. All Jacked Up

Two people who have influenced your life the most:
1. My mom
2. My dad

One person who has been nice to you today:
1. Pat

A,B, C, D...

A, B, C, D, E, F . . .

Sing play along now.

A - Age: 38
B - Band listening to right now: Alabama
C - Career future: Going nowhere
D - Dad's name: Karl
E - Easiest person to talk to: Penny
F - Favorite song: Hell Yeah...Turn It Up, by Montgomery Gentry
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Eeewww!!!
H - Hometown: Born in Albany, OR
I - Instruments: Guitar, piano and sax
J - Job: Customer Service
K - Kids: Anthony, Meghan and Lucas
L - Longest car ride ever: 3 weeks
M - Mom's name: Donella
N - Number of people you slept with: Too many
P - Phobia[s]: Creepy crawly things and heights
Q - Quote: "In my opinion people's religious beliefs are their own affair, and when I don't agree with 'em I just don't discuss religion." Harry S. Truman
R - Reason to smile: Meghan
S - Song you sang last: Do you want fries with that? by Tim McGraw
T - Time you wake up: 5:00am
U - Unknown fact about me: None
V - Vegetable you hate:  All of them
W - Worst habit: Farting in public
X - X-rays you've had: Too many
Y - Yummy food: Salmon
Z - Zodiac sign: Aries

Longest Meme in History

This is the LONGEST meme in the history of the world! Found at Dina's BASICS -

Your full name - D'Arcy
Age - 38
Height - 5'2"
Natural hair colour - No clue
(Only 300 more to go!)
Eye colour - Brown/Green
Number of siblings - 3
Glasses/contacts - Glasses
Piercings - Upper ear and eyebrow
Tattoos - Hummingbirds on ankle and shoulder...Sparrow on shoulder blade
Braces - Never

Colour - Emerald Green
Band - Montgomery Gentry
Song - Don't really have one...
Stuffed animal - Small stuffed horse named Charlie that my cousin Loren gave me when I was 13
Video game - Mario Party
TV show - M*A*S*H
Movie - Bull Durham
Book - Dau (can't remember the author)
Food - Pizza and salmon (not together!)
Game on a cell phone - None
CD cover - Anything by Molly Hachett
Flower - Iris
Scent - Fresh rain
Animal - Horse and cat
Comic book - None
Cereal - Golden Grahams
Website - iWon
Cartoon - Bugs Bunny

Play an instrument? Some guitar, some piano...some saxophone
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week? No way
Like to sing? Yep...but I do it badly
Have a job? Yep
Have a cell phone? Yep, but I need to pay the bill
Like to play sports? Nope
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yep
Have a crush on someone? Yep, and he knows who he is.
Live somewhere NOT in the united states? I have in the past
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?
Have any special talents/skills? Not really
Excercise daily? Not likely
Like school? Once upon a time
Sing the alphabet backwards? No way!
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes? Yes
Speak any other languages? Some Italian, Spanish and French
Go a day without food? I don't think so
Stay up for more than 24 hours? Done it more than once
Read music, not just tabs? Yep
Roll your tongue? Yep
Eat a whole pizza? – Not lately

Snuck out of the house? Quite often
Cried to get out of trouble? Nope
Gotten lost in your city? Nope
Seen a shooting star? Yep
Been to any other countries besides the united states? Italy, Sicily, Spain, Phillipines
Had a serious surgery? Nope
Stolen something important to someone else? Does a man count?
Solved a rubiks cube? Nope
Gone out in public in your pajamas? Several times
Cried over a girl? Nope
Cried over a boy? Too many times to count
Kissed a random stranger? Yep
Hugged a random stranger? Yep
Been in a fist fight? Nope
Been arrested? Yes
Done drugs? Yes
Had alcohol? Lots and lots
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose? I hate milk
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator? Oh yeah...pisses people off
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc? Yes!!
Swore at your parents? Never!
Been to warped tour? Huh?
Kicked a guy where it hurts? Nope
Been in love? Oh yeah...Delvin, Alan, William and Pat
Been close to love? Yes
Been to a casino? Yep...won and lost more than once
Ran over an animal and killed it? :( Yes
Broken a bone? Yep
Gotten stitches? Only after childbirth
Had a waterballoon fight in winter? No!
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? Did I mention how much I hate milk?
Made homemade muffins? Yes
Bitten someone? Nope
Been to disneyland/disneyworld? Both
More than 5 times? Combined...Yes
Been to niagra falls? Nope
Burped in someones face? No
Gotten the chicken pox? Yes

Brushed your teeth - About an hour ago
Went to the bathroom - Couple hours ago
Saw A Movie In Theaters - A few months ago (Ice Princess)
Read a book - Last night (Legend of Bagger Vance)
Had a snow day - February?
Had a party - Never
Had a slumber party - Never
Made fun of someone - This morning
Tripped in front of someone - A long time ago
Went to the grocery store - About a week ago
Got sick - Last week
Cursed – Yesteday

Fruit/vegetables - Fruit
Black/white - White
Lights on/lights off - On
TV/movie - Movie
Car/truck - truck
Body spray/lotion - Spray
Cash/check - Cash
Pillows/blankets - Blankets
Headache/stomach ache - Stomach ache
Paint/charcoal - Paint
Chinese food/mexican food - Mexican Food
Summer/winter - Summer
Snow/rain - Snow
Fog/misty - Misty
Rock/rap - Rock
Meat/vegetarian - Meat
Boy/girl - Boy
Chocolate/vanilla - Chocolate
Sprinkles/icing - Icing
Cake/pie - Cake
French toast/french fries - Both!!
Strawberries/blueberries - Strawberries
Ocean/swimming pool - Ocean
Hugs/kisses - Hugs
Cookies/muffins - Muffins
p33n/bewbz - Huh?
Wallet/pocket - Pocket
Window/door - Window
Emo/goth - goth
Pink/purple - Pink
Cat/dog - Cat
Long sleeve/short sleeve - Short
Pants/shorts - Shorts
Winter break/spring break - Spring break
Spring/autumn - Spring
Clouds/clear sky - Clear sky
Moon/mars - Moon

How many friends do you have? Several
What are their names? Too many to name
 Do you have a best friend? Penny
Have you ever liked one of your friends? Yes
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? Girlfriends
Have you ever lost a friend? Yes
Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend? Yes
Whats an inside joke between you and a friend? Boobies!!!
Have you ever gotten in a big arguement with a friend? Yes
Whats the nicest thing you've ever done for a friend? I helped her build her house
Whats the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you? Been my friend
Do you miss any of your old friends? Yes
What friend have you known the longest? Patti
Do you regret anything youve done to a friend? No
If so, what is it? See above
How often do you spend time with your friends? Not enough
Do any of your friends drive? All of them
Has a friend of yours ever died? One
Whats the dumbest thing you've done with a friend? Oh..way too many things to count
What do you think your friends think of you? I hope they like me
Have you ever been in love? Yes
If you have, with who? Delvin, Alan, William and Pat
Are you single? Kind of
Are you in a relationship? Yes
If so, for how long? 7-1/2 years
Do you believe there is someone for everyone? Yes
What is your idea of the best date? Laughing together
What was your first kiss like? Sweet (thanks, Jeff)
How old were you when you got your first kiss? 10
Do you think love is a load of shit? No
Whats the best experiance you've ever had with the opposite sex? Lots and lots of good times and lots of laughter
Have you ever been dumped? Yes
Have you ever dumped someone? Yes
Whats the most sexual thing youve done with the opposite sex? I think I've tried everything at least once....

Slippers - Why?
Hat - Cowboy
Hard - Soft
Free - Mine
Space - Lost
Taste - Yum
Good charlotte - Eeeww!
Red - Hearts
Deep - Purple
Heart - Attack
Cord - Line
Cheese - Wisconsin
Rain - Brrrr
Work - Yuk
Pedal - Bicycle
Head - Board
Bed - Sleep
Fluff - Bunny
Hardcore - Sex
Race - Run
Knife - Kill
Jump I.... am - Huh?
want - food
need - sex
crave - love
love - Pat
hate - Packers
did - something
feel - nothing
miss - Hope
am annoyed by - Meghan
would rather - sleep
am tired of - this meme
will always - be stubborn

What is your favourite genre of music? Country
What time is it now? 7:17pm
What day is it? Friday
Whens the last time you called someone? Yesterday
How much money do you have right now? None
Are you hungry? Yes
Whatcha doin? Writing this meme and watching the Packer game
Do you like parades? Yes
Do you like the moon? Yes
What are you going to do when youre done with this? Send it to the blog and go get food
Isnt cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over? Most words are
If you could have any magical power what would it be? Read minds
Have you ever had a picnic? Yes
Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young? Nope...they weren't around then
What about sock em boppers? Nope
Are you wearing any socks right now? Yes

funny? Sometimes
pretty? Nope
sarcastic? Oh yeah
lazy? Yep
hyper? Sometimes
friendly? Yes
evil? No
smart? Yes
talented? No
dorky? Yep

suicide - For
love - For
drunk drivers - Against
airplanes - For
war - Against
canada - For
united states - For
rock music - For
gay marriage - For
school - For
surveys - For
parents - For
cars - For
killing - Against
britney spears - Against
coffee - For
pants - Against

Sky dive? No
Play strip poker? Yes
Run away? Yes
Curse at a teacher? No
Not take a shower for a week? No
Ask someone out? Yes
Lie to someone to make them think better of you? Yes
Visit a foreign country for more than a month? Yes
Go scuba diving? Yes
Write a book? Yes
Become a rockstar? No
Have casual sex? Yes

What shampoo do you use? Pantene
Whens the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex? About 2 weeks ago
What kind of computer do you have? Compaq, Toshiba and Hewlett Packard
What grade are you in? Graduated 20 years ago
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies? Only at Rocky Horror
Or just make out? Yep
How many posters do you have in your room? One
How many cds do you have? Too many
What time is it now? 7:23pm

Friday Five

From your vantage point in front of the computer, you spy, with your little eye...

1. Something that is red:  Coca-Cola (glass) Bottles in a 6 pack crate

2. Something that is shiny:  The fishing lure Pat is playing with

3: Something that is ugly:  The garbage can

4. Something that is made of wood:  My table

5. Something that is sharp:  Pencil

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Whatever Works

woman comes home and tells her husband, "Remember those headaches I've been having all these years?  Well, they're gone."

        "No more headaches?" the husband asks, "What happened?"

        His wife replies,  "Margie referred me to a hypnotist.  He told me to stand in front of a mirror, stare at myself and repeat 'I do not
        have a headache; I do not have a headache, I do not have a headache'. It worked! The headaches are all gone."
        The husband replies,  "Well, that is wonderful."

        His wife then says, "You know, you haven't been exactly a ball of fire in the bedroom these last few years. Why don't you go see the
        hypnotist and see if he can do anything for that?" 

        The husband agrees to try it.

        Following his appointment, the husband comes home, rips off his clothes, picks up his wife and carries her into the bedroom He puts her on the bed and says, "Don't move, I'll be right back."

        He goes into the bathroom and comes back a few minutes later and jumps into bed and makes passionate love to his wife like never before.
        His wife says, "Boy, that was wonderful!"
        The husband says, "Don't move! I will be right back."

        He goes back into the bathroom, comes back and round two was even better than the first time.
        The wife sits up and her head is spinning.
        Her husband again says,  "Don't move, I'll be right back."

        With that, he goes back in the bathroom. This time, his wife quietly follows him and there, in the bathroom, she sees him standing at the mirror and saying, "She's not my wife. She's not my wife. She's not my wife!"

        Services will be held on Monday