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Thoughts From A Diva

Random images and thoughts from a misplaced Minnesota Diva trying to survive in Wisconsin.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Wow...yesterday was fun - not!

We had a severe thunderstorm blow through here yesterday afternoon that left damage in its wake. There was minimal damage here in town, but that was only because the tornadoes formed right over the top of us (we could see the rotation in the clouds), but it didn't actually drop until it was west of us.

If you check out my Flick'r photos (link on the left there), I posted a bunch of pics from the storm. The pics were taken right before the storm hit.

It was pretty nasty and I'm glad it is done. But they say there is more on the way next week.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

LCpl Anthony

My son has sent me an email from Al Asad Air Base in Iraq!

He arrived safe and sound. He says he will be spending his time there fueling aircraft and eating at the Pizza Hut, Subway and Burger King on base! He says I'm not to worry (Ha!) and that his biggest problem is if his a/c unit will hold out and not die on him.

If anyone is interested in dropping him an email, let me know and I will get you his email address.