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Thursday, January 06, 2011


I have had many friends in my life. Some of them have been very close and some have been not so close. Some have been female, some have been male, but they have all made an impact of some kind on my life.

Currently, I have very few friends. I think that comes from 13 years of life with a man who didn't like people, so we didn't interact with others very well. I am starting to make friends again, but at this stage in my life, I am finding it very hard to completely accept all my friends' idiosyncrasies.

I have one friend that has been a friend for many years. Lately, we have been drifting apart. All friendships go through waves. I know this, but I am thinking this is more than a wave. This is a tsunami. We seem to have nothing in common anymore. She has a new man (well, okay, not so new - they've been together for 2 years), but he does not like me at all. I represent a time in her life that he was not a part of and did not approve of. So, our friendship is dying.

I have another friend that was starting to become a very good friend, but that friendship is stagnating. She started dating a man that we both know. He is a good man, but I don't want to be a third wheel and they are constantly together.

So, I find myself relying heavily on my children and their significant others to have "friend" conversations. You know, those times when you just need someone to talk to about life in general or about your work day.

Some people say I should go out and find a man, but there are no men interested in me nor am I interested in any men. I am very happy with my life right now except for the lack of friends. My job is going great, my family is getting their lives together. A man is definitely not something I need right now.

But I would really like some good friends to hang out with.


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