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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Just thought I would give you a little weather update.

On Sunday, the weather service announced a winter storm watch for Monday: 1-3 inches.
On Sunday night, they said 3-4 inches.
On Monday morning, they said 4-6 inches.

We received 9 inches of fluffy, dry snow. It is so light and airy that people were using leaf blowers to blow it off the sidewalks.

We are 17.2 inches above normal snowfall for the year.

And this morning it was 16 below zero (before wind chill). I refused to send Meg to school in that. She has been sick all week and I couldn't make her walk to school in that crap.

Anyway, here's some pics of our snow:

This is a pic of our backyard.
This is our front yard.
This is our front steps. At one point we went out to shovel the snow and the snow was level with the top step.