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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I sat down here to write something profound about 9-11 and about how we need to remember all those lost not only in the crashes, but also in the military actions since then when I realized all I could think was how happy I am Anthony is leaving Iraq.

He wrote me a note yesterday telling me they had been given 7 hours notice that they were leaving. Fortunately, they had been preparing for most of the week so he was ready. He was excited to get back on the ship and head for home. I pray they make it to Kuwait and the ship safely. He should be home for Thanksgiving after playing tourist in some beautiful Pacific countries.

I find it hard to think of 9-11 without thinking of all those sons and daughters that have been lost to the war on terrorism. Each day I receive an email in my inbox telling me of more Marines that have been killed in action. I struggle as I read them - hoping that I won't see a name I know. Unfortunately, I have seen one name I knew. At the beginning of the war, I lost a classmate. He was a major in the Army and had been in the service for almost 20 years.

So as we go through this day, just stop every once in a while and lift a prayer to the heavens that this all ends soon and they all come home - SOON.