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Sunday, September 26, 2004

No way, Jack!

"I'm complimented as well... as long as you don't start referring to me as 'asshole' or some other 'endearing epithet'."

I could never do that!

I think I need to change Asshole's name. He isn't always an asshole and I don't like calling him that.

So, I think I will start calling him my Viking. Since he is a Minnesotan and that is his favorite team.

Fair enough?


At 10/04/2004 1:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't like calling him "Asshole" why did you do it?

"Viking" certainly has a different connotation than your previous epithet for him, but what I care about is what you call me...

(Random Fate)

At 10/05/2004 6:37 PM , Blogger drc said...

I called him asshole because a lot of the time he is one.

You just brought it to my attention how awful I sounded.


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