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Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Brother 9

I'm watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. I'm wondering if Janelle from the All-Stars and Amanda from this season are related?


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Political Trail

As some of you might know, the Wisconsin Primary is next Tuesday. All the politicians are currently concentrating on touring Wisconsin to try and get our vote. Since the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse is one of the 5 best schools in the nation (for it's size), we are a major target.

This week alone:
Chelsea Clinton was here on Tuesday.
Mike Huckabee was here on Thursday.
Bill Clinton was here on Thursday.
John McCain will be here today (Friday).
Michelle Obama will be here Saturday.

I attended the rally with Chelsea on Tuesday. On Thursday, Meg and I went to see Bill speak. Today, we are going to see John McCain. I couldn't make it to see Huckabee. (We received 10 inches of snow yesterday and my new little car doesn't do so well in the snow.)

I hope to go hear Michelle speak this weekend.

Anyway, here are some pics I took. I was able to get close enough to shake hands with both Chelsea and Bill. Hopefully, I can also meet John McCain today.

I don't really care who anyone votes for - just VOTE!