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Thoughts From A Diva

Random images and thoughts from a misplaced Minnesota Diva trying to survive in Wisconsin.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Blogs Needed

As you can see I have started a new blogroll over on the side there. I was using Blogrolling, but they decided to be moronic and would only show the first five blogs listed.

So if you are missing from my blogroll and you know I had a link, or even if you would just like me to link you, please let me know.

Thanks so much.

Rescue Dog Files

This is the newest addition to my blogroll. Mark works for a small town on the Oregon coast and is definitely a must-read.

Monday, December 10, 2007

My car is totalled

On Saturday night I had gone into town to run some errands. Lucas' girlfriend Trish, her son Trey (age 2) and her friend Tiny were with us. We had just picked up the keys to their new apartment and were headed over to drop Tiny off at his mom's place.

As we drove through the residential neighborhood, I noticed that none of the intersections had traffic signals. I mean no stop signs, yield signs or anything. So I was kind of keeping an eye out for other traffic.

I should also mention that there was ice and snow on the road. We currently have 18-24 inches of the white crap on the ground.

We were cruising along headed westbound at about 25 when suddenly I see another car coming from the south. I realize he is not stopping or slowing down, so I slam on my brakes and he slammed into us.


He hit the front corner panel on the driver's side of my Stratus. He hit us so hard, the wheel is now at a 45 degree angle and is broken lose. The frame of the car is bent.

Fortunately, none of us were injured other than a bump on my head from hitting the window (it didn't break) and Trey has a bump on his head from the car seat. We are all fine, just shook us all up.

His car was a Mercury Sable and the radiator is now in a new position. But he was able to drive it. I'm not sure how far, but he drove away.

He also received the ticket. The cop was very nice and gave him a ticket for failure to yield. In Wisconsin (as in most states) you have to yield to the car on your right. Trish doesn't think he had his lights on either, but I couldn't tell you; all I saw was a car.

This morning I am sitting her waiting for Enterprise to come pick me up. The insurance company was great. I had just paid my car off less than a week ago; I hadn't even had time to change the title or notify the insurance company so I still had full coverage on my car.

I get a rental car until I can purchase a new car. Or until the old one is fixed, but even the tow truck driver said it was totalled. Guess we will find out today or tomorrow.

I am just glad we are all safe. No injuries, no major issues, just no car.