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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Stuff & Nonsense

I do not want to be here today.


I almost went back to sleep this morning after taking the kids to
school instead of getting up and coming to work.


I really don't want to be here. I am PMSing so bad. I just want to
rip people's throats out today. Some people are so stupid.
Pat actually went looking for a job yesterday! I was so excited!!! I
sure hope he gets one. I am tired of being broke all the time. I
feel like all my extra money goes for his cigarettes and beer and
other stuff.
Yule is going to be very low key this year. Probably only have Santa
presents this year. Too many bills, plus I had to buy clothes for
this stupid job.
I read in the news this morning that the lead guitarist from Pantera
was killed. That is really sad. That man could play some guitar!
I was reading Acidman's site the other day ( That man
has more problems with his ex-wife than anyone I know. I could never
do to another person what she is doing to him.

I mean, I don't like my ex-husband. But I simply stopped talking to him.
Very slow at work today. That is a good thing. The day goes faster
when it is busy, but I go home so exhausted, I can barely keep my eyes

Today we have several minutes between calls. Just a hint: If you need
to call the phone company, call on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Never
call on a Monday.
My parents are still trying to sell their motor home if anyone is
interested. They had the couch and benches reupholstered. Mom says
they look great. If anyone is interested, let me know. For those of
you in other parts of the country, I am sure they would have no
problem with meeting you half-way for delivery.
It sounds like Anthony might actually graduate this year. The school
has started a new program that lets him do work online. If he gets on
this program, he only needs 4 more credits to graduate.

It's not that he is dumb. It is that he is bored in school. He just
doesn't find any challenge in it and no teacher has challenged him, so
he is going through school as a slacker.

He wanted to join the military, but they (the military) gave him such
a hard time about joining, he gave up on it.

Then he decided he was going to move back to our old town and live
with his buddy. After discussing for a few months, they decided it
would be a stupid move since the buddy will be leaving for college

So now he has decided to stay at home and finish high school. And
then take welding classes at the Tech College here in town.

I told him as long as he is in school, he can stay with us. But if he
quits or fails, he has to find his own way. He will be 18 in January
and has never even held a part-time job. But I have never really
pressed him to find a job. I always figured being a kid was his job.
He has started looking now, so hopefully, he will get a job soon.
Why did he have trouble getting in the military?

In the Spring of 2001, Anthony was in a bicycle accident (that's a
whole other story). He had a concussion and smashed his nose

When he went for his military physical, the doctor told him he had
fluid in his ears and would have to be cleared by our family doctor
before he would be allowed to join.

I took him to our doctor. He said Anthony was fine. He even wrote a
letter to the military saying he was fine.

The military doctor then told him he had to be seen by a a
neurologist. But they would not pay for it. By this time, I was out
of work and had no insurance. I refused to pay for it. I figured the
military has these guys on staff; how hard would it be to have one of
them look at Anthony?

Anyway, this all occurred over a 7 month period. With the Army

So then the Marines said they could get him in...Yeah, right.

They came by and talked to all of us one day. The recruiter told
Anthony to give him a call after we got moved. Anthony called several
times, but the recruiter has never called him back.

So Anthony gave up on the military.
It is almost lucnhtime, so I guess I will send this out to the blog.
I'm sure I will be writing more after lunch.


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