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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Church and God

It isn't that I don't believe in God.

I just believe in her in a different form.

And I definitely don't believe in organized religion.

As Julie can tell you, I was really into church when I was in high
school. I didn't really lose my faith in the church until about 8
years ago.

That is when I started listening to my heart and my feelings. And
discovered there were too many hypocrites in the church.


At 12/10/2004 7:52 PM , Blogger JulieMac said...

Hi again...

As DRC said, she and I were both quite involved at our local UMC, but of course her Dad was the preacher. :-)

I really haven't found a church I have felt comfortable at since I left Pendleton. We went to the Medford UMC for a while a few years back. I wanted to introduce my partner's daughter to the church and try to teach her some positive things about herself, the community and the church. People were friendly enough, but it never felt like the we were really part of it like I was in Pendleton.

I miss the church community which is why I would like to find a church I feel a part of. We are a spiritual family and I really am open minded to a lot of different religions. I think in a way they really all fit together.

anyway... I'm rambling... better go...

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