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Saturday, October 16, 2004

When It Rains...

While still dealing with my son Lucas being a runaway and in the hospital in Missouri, my other son has been in an accident.


I had just gotten to work on Thursday morning when I received a call from the police that my son was taken to the emergency room.


My first question was “Which son? Which hospital?”


Apparently Anthony had been riding his bike to school and the handle bars had come off.  He could not control the bike, thus hitting a fire hydrant head on.


His head grazed one of the bolts on the fire hydrant.  He has a 10cm gash on the top of his head that took 15 staples to close up.


No other injuries except a few scrapes and bruises.  He will be fine.


With no insurance, this is just something else to add more stress to my life.


At least he will be okay.



At 10/16/2004 10:55 AM , Blogger Brent said...

Hugs, hugs and more hugs for you!! Thanks goodness he didn't hit the fire hydrant square on. I was at a scene where a kid hit a fire hydrant on his moped. He broke both his legs! Hang in there!!

At 10/17/2004 6:39 AM , Blogger Jack said...

Geez, woman, I don't check for a few days and all of this stuff happens!!!

I'm very glad both of your sons are OK (in relative terms).

Be sure to take care of yourself.

-Jack (of Random Fate infamy)

At 10/19/2004 5:17 PM , Blogger Michele said...

Jeesh it certainly does pour. I am so sorry to hear that your other boy met the fire hydrant in an unexpected way. I hope his wounds will heal up quickly. *hug*

At 10/20/2004 12:59 PM , Blogger A BOY & HIS TOY said...

OMG.. I hope he recovers fine and everything. Did you find your other son? Will say a prayer for you! -Jason


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