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Monday, December 25, 2006

What a Christmas!

Well...I have three of my children home for Christmas - barely!

Anthony's flight out of San Diego was delayed by three hours.  That meant he was going to miss his connection flight in Chicago by over two hours.  I frantically started calling the airline trying to find him another flight into Lacrosse.  The next available flight is at 1:10 Christmas Day afternoon.  Having Anthony sit at O'Hare for 15 hours waiting for a flight was totally unacceptable.

So our next course of action was finding a way to go get him.  We discovered it was only 4-1/2 hours driving time to Chicago.  I did a bit of financial finagling...and a touch of panicking...but we managed it.  We left about 4:30 and drove to Chicago to pick him up.  The airline is refunding that portion of the flight since it was their fault he couldn't make the flight.

We arrived back home about 3am and opened presents and discovered what Santa had brought Meghan.

It is now 4:05 in the morning and we have been awake forever, but are too excited to sleep.  The two boys (one Marine, one future Marine) are playing Halo on XBox Live.  Meghan is playing with her new Nintendo DS.  I'm just enjoying everyone being home.

I hope the rest of you have a wonderful holiday!

PMM PFC Anthony
PMM Poolie Lucas
PM Princess Meghan

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