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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Sorry posts have been short and few this week. I have finals this week and next. Things are a little hectic around here.

Oh, and did I mention that my second son Lucas (age 18) dropped a bomb Monday night? He informed me that he was going on Wednesday to take his physical to join the Marines.

I get up Tuesday morning and he informs me that the Staff Sergeant called and he could leave as early as the following Tuesday (December 19) for basic training!!

I was stunned. Dumbfounded. Speechless.

I am still in shock. He took the ASVAB yesterday and did excellent. As long as he passes his physical today, he will leave next Tuesday for San Diego.


So this means that next March for my 40th birthday, I will be playing on the beaches of San Diego with a brand new Marine. Plus, Anthony is supposed to make Lance Corporal in March. Plus, it will be the first time EVER that all four of my kids will be together at the same time.


Life just keeps throwing those curve balls, ya know?

Update: Lucas passed his physical. He will be leaving Tuesday for San Diego.


At 12/14/2006 3:46 PM , Anonymous Teresa said...

Saw your comment over at Eric's. Wanted to drop by and wish your son the best of luck - not only getting through basic but in his military career. (My son is an Army Sgt, a Chinook Crew Chief... so it's always possible they will "ride" together one day. *grin*)

At 12/20/2006 3:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

... good luck to you and your boys, Diva.... they'll make you proud... thank them for their serivce for me, please....



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