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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Damn Drunks

Last night I was sitting here playing YoHoHo Pirates (as usual).

About Midnight, everyone but Weasel went to bed. He was sitting on the couch bitching because the Boss had fired him. (You don't show up for work 3 days in a row - that tends to happen!)

Anyway, he goes into the kitchen and gets a beer. Pops it open and comes back to the sofa. He is sitting there damn near in tears. Then he passes out with the open beer can in his lap. He proceeds to pour almost the entire thing down the cushions of the couch.

He never even noticed.

Then about 2am, he suddenly stands up, bumps his way into the kitchen. Next thing I hear is water being poured on the floor in the kitchen.

"Weasel, are you pissing on my floor?" I screamed.

"No, man, I wouldn't do that."

I step around the corner and he is standing in front of the kitchen sink pissing on my floor.

"(Full name), get your ass out of my kitchen and into the bathroom."

He turns and looks at me over his shoulder.

"Man, don't scare me like that." Finally he goes into the bathroom.

When he comes out, I tell him he needs to go in the kitchen and clean up his piss. He stands there and argues with me that he did not piss on the floor.

Finally, he went into the kitchen and found where he pissed. He tells me it is water. I tell him he is full of bullshit and to get it cleaned up.

He comes back into the living room and starts telling me he is so sorry. He "never meant no disrespect".

At this point, I lose it. I tell him if he is going to continue living in this house, he will stop drinking and attend AA.

THEN, he tells me he is dying and that is why he drinks. So I ask him what he is dying from. He tells me he has AIDS. And he only has eight months to live. He didn't want to tell me because he thought I would kick him out.

He then gets a 40 minute lecture from me on AIDS and how he needs to tell people he has it. Then I discover he doesn't know if he has AIDS. His ex told him that he had AIDS. And he never got it confirmed.

By this point, I was boiling. He got the lecture of a lifetime. I also told him I was going to take him down to the Health Clinic first thing this morning to get checked. And if he did not have it, he was going to stop drinking, clean himself up, and get a real job.

I finally went to bed after he started bawling like a baby because I was yelling at him.

When I got up this morning, he was packing. I asked where he was going. He tells me he is moving out. Gonna sleep in his tent at the campground by the river.

What does this say to me? He's a liar. Big fucking liar. And we already knew he was an alcoholic. This just proves it.

Anyway, he is sitting here waiting for his buddy to come pick him up. I told him he did not have to move out, but he has made the choice. Because I won't let him drink in the house.

How dare he use AIDS as an excuse to drink! I have had too many friends die from it. That just makes me soooooooo angry!


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