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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Dumbass Brother

Beer Mary has a story of her dumbass brothers on her site.

At least her dumbass brothers were in their teenage years (I assume) when this happened. My dumbass brother was in his mid-twenties.

While we were growing up, my parents bought a 1976 Chevy Vega Wagon. It was 1970's green and the coolest thing we had ever owned.

After a few years, my parents finally bought a new vehicle and gave K the old Vega. Of course, all of us had learned to drive in it, but since he had been in the Navy, he got the car when he got out of the Navy.

He was living on the coast in Oregon with a couple of buddies when he decided to go on one more drug/alcohol run to Eugene and back.

They had 5 people stuffed in that little Vega. The were doing about 85 on Hwy 101. Now, if you have never been on Hwy 101 on the Oregon Coast, it resembles something like a snake in a spasm. It has more curves than J Lo's butt.

Of course, the whole time they are driving, they are smoking some doobies and chugging alcohol.

All of a sudden, my brother says, they took flight. He just suddenly realized that the car had not turned when he told it to, and they were now airborne.

They landed on the rocks about 10 feet below the road. No big deal, he thought. There were a few minor injuries, but nothing anyone was going to die from. (Thank God for all the alcohol in their systems!) They hiked back up to the road and got a ride into town.

After they (semi) sobered up, they got a tow truck to go get the car. They had left the car high and dry on some rocks. When they returned a few hours later, the car was under six feet of water.

They had landed during low tide and while they were off "sobering up", the tide had come in.

K said they had an awful time getting all their stuff out of it because of all the sand.

That poor car never ran again.

Dumbass brothers.


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