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Saturday, September 06, 2003


Here's the thing - I like tattoos. I have three of them. And in the spring, I will have another one. (You promised, PS, that we could both get one!).

But I have had a long-standing rule not to get any names on my body. And I try to talk people out of it every time. Now Billy Bob knows why.

I got my first tattoo in Millington, TN. I was in the Navy and went with 2 buddies (Marines) to the local tattoo parlor. I was not going to get one. I was along for moral support. We started looking around for tats we liked. Finally, B said he wanted the Marine Bulldog. I told them that if they could find a sparrow, that I would get one, too.

Damed, if they didn't find one!

So, we all traveled out to the trailer for the tattoos. (See, in those days, tattooing was illegal within city limits. You went to the shop in town, picked out what you liked, then they drove you outside city limits to a mobile home/trailer for the actual tattooing.)

I put on this itty bitty tube top and sat backwards on a chair for 45 minutes while this guy tattooed my back. I only paid $65 for a tattoo that should have cost well over $100 because it was late and I flashed my boobs.

My second tattoo I received in Reno, NV. I had gone to Carson City, NV, to look for a new job and place to live. One of my friends from Oregon went with me for moral support. While we were there, we decided to get tattoos to commemorate the event.

She got a beautiful purple rose on her right ankle. I got a hummingbird on my left ankle. Plus, I got to date the tattoo artist for about 4 months!

That one cost me $85.

My third one I got in Detroit Lakes, MN. It is my favorite. It was my Mother's Day present to myself.

It is two hummingbirds circling each other on my right shoulder.

That one cost $120.

My next one is a design that PS and I will design ourselves to show our friendship. We are getting them on our boobs.

I can hardly wait!


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