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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trapped pilot whale cut free

Trapped pilot whale cut free |

A PILOT whale caught in lobster pot ropes north of Perth has been saved by fisheries officers.

The West Australian Fisheries Department boat Hamelin was sent out to the small whale this morning after fishermen alerted authorities that it had become entangled.

The crew of the Hamelin were initially going to wait for a specialist Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) team to examine the mammal, but it became clear they had to act immediately.

"The crew found the whale was in very poor condition and starting to drown,'' DEC team leader Doug Coughran said.

"Because the whale was small and very lethargic, a decision was made to cut some of the ropes, which fortunately allowed the whale to swim away.

"It became obvious to the Hamelin crew that the whale would have died before we were able to reach it.''

Woohoo! There is still good in this world! How wonderful they were actually able to think for themselves and free this animal before he died. Nice to know there are still humans that can think without the bureaucracy. Kudos to them.


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