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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cheater, Cheater

Facebook 'cheater' won't be expelled from college -

Last term, Avenir became administrator of the online group Dungeons/Mastering Chemistry Solutions. In all, 147 classmates used the group to swap tips on assignments.

Avenir's supporters argued the online group he ran was no different from any kind of homework help or tutoring circle. But a professor, who had stipulated assignments be done independently, discovered the group, gave the student an F and then charged him with academic misconduct.

I agree...what is the difference between this group and a group of students meeting in person? I mean, I do understand that the students were supposed to be working independently, but that doesn't mean students don't ask for help on tough questions. To be expelled would have been very wrong. I think the punishment of getting a zero on the assignment was correct, but the professor blew this all out of proportion. This was not "academic misconduct."


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