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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Paedophile deportation angers UK |

AUSTRALIA'S decision to deport a serial paedophile back to Britain has stunned the United Kingdom.

Raymond Horne, who spent more than 14 years behind bars in Australia for a string of child sex crimes, has flown back to Britain today after being deported from Queensland.

Why wouldn't they deport someone that is a criminal? Every country in the world deports non-citizens when they break the law. This man has been given multiple chances and has blown every one of them. It only makes sense to send him back to where he came from. Now, before anyone gets in my face, I do know that he has lived in Australia since he was five and he is now 61. But he never bothered to become an Australian citizen, so he does not get the same considerations as a citizen. He wasn't even under the assumption that since his parents were citizens, he was a citizen (like a story I read about in the US papers recently). He just simply couldn't be bothered to become a citizen.

So they deported his ass. Good for them.


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