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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yachats Blue Stories

For most creatures, forests were wonderful. On the hottest days and the coldest nights the big trees were gifts of life. The trees wrapped all the little animals against the cold. They sheltered little plants and bugs and birds in their strong branches. Snug and comfy, these creatures rested in the forest at just the right temperature.

In those days, a dense, dark forest covered the earth. One of the strongest and most beautiful animals made its home here. Bear lived very nicely, thank you. Berries and fruit and herbs and grass made up most of his summer meal.

Bear ate only one meal each year. Of course, his meal started when he woke in the spring. His breakfast did not end until he crawled back into his den to sleep. Then he did not eat through the long, cold winter.

By the time he slept, though, he had gorged himself. He was so fat he could only waddle. He did not have to eat again until next spring.

Ol’ Bear was made for eating. He had enormous paws with long claws that could...

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