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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Breaking the Law

So let me get this straight...Since I do not own a gun, I am breaking the law in Greenleaf, ID. And yes, I have been to Greenleaf, ID. It is little more than a bump in the road, but still the idea rankles.

Idaho town asks residents to own guns: "Ordinance 208, passed by the City Council on Tuesday, asks Greenleaf's 862 residents who do not object on religious or other grounds to keep a gun at home in case they are overrun by refugees from the Gulf Coast."

I am not a gun enthusiast by any means, but nor am I anti-gun either. I just don't want one in my house. Maybe if I lived alone, I would get one. But not with my daughter around. And definitely not with my son at home!! (I can already hear the police sirens!)

No one should be able to tell me that I HAVE TO HAVE A GUN if I don't want one. I do not have a religious reason to not have one; I just don't want one.

This law is wrong. Not because it has the word guns in it, but because it is telling me I HAVE TO do something that goes against everything I have ever said.


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