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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another day...

I'm bored today...Not really sure what's up with that...Hormones are raging...All I want to do is cry and kill people.

I spent all day on Friday missing Anthony. I know he is safe and sound in Virginia right now, but he is not here. I miss his laughter and sense of humor. And I miss having someone to gossip with!! He is such an awesome kid. I don't know anyone that doesn't like Anthony.

It was pretty rough during basic training, but he seemed to enjoy it. He said it was hard listening to the DI's at first, and he was very homesick to start with.

After the Crucible things seemed to get much better. His letters were more positive and he was much happier on the phone.

When he came home for his ten days of fun after basic, he also got 7 days of "Recruiter's Assistance". For the RA, he had to work for the local recruiter. The recruiter turned into a total ass. He had Anthony at the office from 7am until 7 or 8 in the evening. And all they did was sit around and bullshit 90% of the day. Plus, he would treat Anthony like he was still in boot camp...They kept on him all day long about how to look and stand and talk and he had to have inspections all the time. He had almost decided it was all a mistake by the time he went back to Camp Pendleton for Combat Training.

Then when he got to Pendleton, he found 3 more weeks of grunt work...lots of hikes, stuff like that, but he did get every Sunday off. So he felt a little better.

Now he is at his MOS school. He is on an Army base for training. He spent ten days at the base before starting training and he really enjoyed that time...They had physical training every morning, but each day, they got to do something different. One day, they even got to leave the base to help some officer move. He was having the time of his life!

Now that training has started, he says he spends all day in a classroom. He says the Army instructors don't show up sometimes until Noon. So the Marines sit around and BS until the instructors show up.

He will be home the end of July. At that time we will know where he is going next. He is really hoping for Okinawa. He loves the Japanese culture. And already knows some Japanese.

Wherever he goes, I know he will make me even prouder. He is a good Marine and an awesome son.


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