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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ABC's of Me

Stolen from Bonnie

: A mixture of Southern and Midwestern with some Pacific Northwest thrown in.
Booze: I prefer Windsor or Cuervo
Chore I Hate: Dishes
Dog or Cat: 2 cats: Snotface (white w/black) and Fat Cat (black w/white)
Essential Electronics: My laptop
Favorite Cologne(s): Don't have one
Gold or Silver: White gold
Hometown: Hmmm...Las Vegas, I guess
Insomnia: Not often
Job Title: Flow Team
Kids: Rachel, Anthony, Lucas, Meghan
Living Arrangements: Living with my significant other, Meghan and the cats
Most Admirable Traits: Humor
Number of Sexual Partners: Currently? One
Overnight Hospital Stays: Other than having babies? 3, I think
Phobias: Heights, small spaces
Quote: No regrets...To regret something is to regret who you are now.
Religion: Nothing organized
Siblings: 2 sisters and one brother
Time I Wake Up: Between 3:15am and 3:30am
Unusual Talent or Skill: I can whinny like a horse
Vegetables I Refuse To Eat: Most of them
Worst Habit: Sarcasm
X-rays: Leg, ankle, knee, wrist, head, stomach...
Yummy Foods I Make:'re funny
Zodiac Sign: Aries


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