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Thursday, August 26, 2004

My Mother

I know I don't talk about my mother a lot. I'm not sure why.

I have the world's greatest mother.

I mean it. She is totally awesome! She sent me that horrendous joke I posted a few minutes ago.

In the past 30+ years, my mother has never made a derogatory comment about me. She has never said I shouldn't (or coundn't do something).

I have tattoos and piercings. My mother simply said, "That's interesting." Or "I kind of like that."

No lectures after I got pregnant in high school. Se just simply dealt with it and helped me.

Oh I knew she was disappointed, but she never lectured me about something that was already done and couldn't be fixed.

I worry about her now. She and my father live in a motor home. And my father has lots of health problems. She is totally ignoring her own health.

That worries me.

Anyway, she is always sending me crazy jokes and comments. She doesn't read my blog. Doesn't know where it is. Oh, she knows I have one, but she also knows there are things on here she doesn't want to know.

Have you hugged your mom lately? I won't get to hug mine again for another year.

That sucks.


At 8/26/2004 4:59 PM , Blogger mel said...

dude, my mom rocks, too. we're lucky!

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