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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

First Time For Everything

This got me to thinking about something I saw on our trip.

I have seen and done a lot of things in my 30 some years on this planet. But I saw something new on my trip west.

I saw a hooker.

I mean, I have seen them in bars. I have seen them in whorehouses. I have even seen them in motels with people I know. Hell, I once purchased a hooker's time for a friend (long story...another post).

But this was the first time I had ever seen a hooker on the side of the road, looking to pick up business.

And just where do you think this was? Some big city like Portland maybe? Oh no...I was in Rapid City, SD.

Yes, I said South Dakota. I was so shocked I almost missed my turn. It just wasn't quite what I expected to see.

I guess you can see new things in life. Even if you are old as the hills.


At 8/25/2004 9:52 AM , Blogger A BOY & HIS TOY said...

OMG.. I would of popped out my cam and taken a pic of that. LOL -Jason

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