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Friday, September 19, 2003

The Funeral

T's funeral was held at a beautiful cemetery in Eugene called Sunset Hills.

She was cremated per her wished and placed in a nice urn. She was supposed to be buried next to her father, but her brothers and sisters did not have the extra $900 to place her there.

So she was placed in the mausoleum. She has her own place now and think she would have agreed with their decision.

My Dad led the service. He is a retired Methodist minister and led a very casual service. He asked people to talk about T and her brother spoke about what a klutz she was and that he will always remember her that way. Then he lost control and wept.

Several other people spoke and we listened to a nice rendition of Amazing Grace. That was T's choice for music.

It was very nice. I am very glad I went.


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