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Friday, September 19, 2003

My Dad

My dad is getting older. He is not old, but he is getting older. He is 63 now and sometimes gets a little forgetful.

Now, don't get me wrong. My dad can still discuss religion, politics, computers, sports and numerous other things until you are ready to run screaming from the room. But he is getting forgetful.

On Tuesday night, just after D and I arrived at the RV, he started looking for the remote. He continued looking for the 30 minutes we were there. And then another 30 minutes after we left.

Finally, Mom and K asked him if he had looked in his pockets.

SURPRISE! Found the remote.

The next morning, Dad couldn't find the spare battery to the video camera. He wanted to have video of the service.

We searched everywhere. Mom asked him several times if it was in his pockets. He kept saying no. He even emptied out his pants pockets a couple of times. He had just had it out he said.

Finally, K asked him if he had checked his shirt pocket.

SURPRISE! Found the battery!

That night after the service, we all went out to dinner at the local pizza place. (I'll explain why we went there another time). Anyway, Dad was eating these slices of pizza just heaping with toppings. They kept dropping off and going down his front. I teased him and said that when Mom washed the shirt later, she would find pizza in it.

We went back to the RV and started to say our goodbyes. I went to give Dad a hug and noticed a grease stain on his shirt. I said "What's in your pocket?"

SURPIRSE! We found pizza toppings!!

We laughed for an hour!!


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