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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Watching movies

So yesterday we called and got a great special with our local cable provider. They gave us 3meg DSL and all the channels (including all 5 HBOs) for one LOW price. They said it would be a few days before we got the services.

Imagine my surprise when I hear the cable man outside hooking us up!!!

So we watched some shows....did some surfing...watched some more sitcoms....then I found this:

I have wanted to see Danny Deckchair since it first came out. (That goes with almost any Australian movie! I love all things Australian!)

Lucas wasn't too keen on watching it, but he did sit through most of it (until his girlfriend called). We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is not a movie that requires tons of thought, but it is a sweet romantic movie that I highly recommend.


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