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Thursday, August 24, 2006


School starts here on September 5. I know; a lot of people are already back in school. But both Meg and I start school on Tuesday after Labor Day.

We are headed out later today to do our school shopping. Not clothes, just supplies. We will pick up our First Day of School outfits on Saturday. Meg will also be getting a new backpack this year...just as she does every year.

I can remember as a kid going school shopping. We would get our lists and go buy all of our supplies. My favorite part was picking out the notebooks and folders. I always wanted fun ones. The best ones I ever got were some that had velvet on the outside and could be colored in like those posters they sell.

Now, the teachers tell you what color folders and notebooks to buy. You don't really get a choice. It kind of sucks.

Speaking of folders, does anyone else remember PeeChees? I used to love decorating mine.

I would spend oodles of classroom hours coloring in the cheerleaders skirts or writing my latest love's name. I think I would go through 3 or 4 per class every year.

Too bad they don't make PeeChees anymore. They were the perfect folder.

I am excited about going back to school. I always loved school and that has not changed after 20 years. I am taking more classes this year. I have 5 so far, I am trying to find a way to fit in a 6th class, but probably won't be able to. I am carrying 14 credits right now.

Yea! I get to go spend money today and not feel guilty about it! Meg is even getting a new backpack! (I'm not, backpacks that can hold my laptop are just too expensive to get a new one every year.)

Have you seen the new backpacks at Target? In the stores, they have one that has the Annoying Thing on it. When you push his belly, it makes the sound. I absolutely love it. If I were buying a new backpack, that is the one I would get. I try to sell it to every little kid that comes in the store. One little boy even knew what it was! He couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 and he knew the Thing from the internet!!!

Well, I gotta go...I need to get a little more sleep. Hopefully, the cats are done tormenting me so I can go back to sleep.


At 8/24/2006 11:57 AM , Anonymous Rachel said...

if i see anything cute for meg i'll send her it! lol i too love shopping!!! haha and i'm good at clearance! lol


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