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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wiccans Keep the Faith

Wiccans Keep the Faith With a Religion Under Wraps
Above the woman’s fireplace hangs her wedding picture, taken in a Lutheran church years ago. Below it, on the mantelpiece, is a small Wiccan altar: two candles, a tiny cauldron, four stones to represent the elements of nature and a small amethyst representing her spirit.

A pagan family’s altar. Wicca, a form of paganism, celebrates the divine in nature. But its symbols and practices elicit suspicion from outsiders.

The wedding portrait is always there. But whenever someone comes to visit, the woman sweeps the altar away.
How sad is it that in this day and age we still have religious persecution in the United States of America? I thought this country was about Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. How come that only applies to those in the majority?

We should all be allowed to practice whatever religion we feel is right for us. As long as we are not hurting anyone else, there should be no punishment for wanting to practice religion in a fashion other than Christianity, Judaism or Islam.

There is a large Pagan community in many parts of this country, but it is rather like being a drug user: you don't dare say out loud that you are Pagan, someone might hear you.

It kind of reminds me of when Christianity was new and people had to draw the fish in the dirt in order to be recognized as a member of the faithful. Pagans do the same thing using key words to understand each other. But sometimes it just doesn't work that way and you can know someone for years before realizing they believe the same way as you. Or someone can put the right words together by accident and you find out too late that they are Christians and detest you after that.

In the words of Rodney King, can't we all just get along?


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