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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I woke up this morning shaking.

I dreamed I was in California to see Anthony. I was walking along the oceanfront. I was on the road, and there was a large building with windows in it between me and the ocean.

As I passed the building, I looked through the windows to the ocean and thought, "Is that a wave?"

About that time, the wave broke over the top of the building. There was a black pickup parked by the road, so I ran to it and held on to the side mirror. I held my breath as the wave broke over me. Suddenly, the water was all gone.

Then I started running inland. I went a few blocks and realized the ocean was that way, too. So I started North to get to my hotel.

As I got to the walkway over the river, I realized the walkway had been knocked down and there was no way to cross the river at that location.

I started climbing to higher ground. There were a lot of people up on the cliff. We looked out over the ocean. There were no more big waves coming, but there were a LOT of waves.

I used my cell phone to call my mom in Oregon. I was asking her if there was a Tsunami warning out. She was saying no when another one hit, but I was high enough I was not hit. I also remember her asking if I was bringing Anthony home with me. I just laughed and said, "I wish."

The next thing I know I am running across some parking lot headed for the motel.

Then the alarm went off.

I hate tsunamis.


At 10/05/2006 6:31 PM , Anonymous Markiss said...

Ever thought about writing a book Drc? I didn't want that entry to stop, was getting well into it.


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