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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Emergency Response

Johnny has a post up about an emergency medical situation that happened at work.

It got me thinking about my parents. See, they were EMTs about the time that old show "Emergency" came out. They had to go to training once a week for like 8 weeks or something. They had the coolest book they brought home. It was orange and it had pictures and instructions for almost any kind of medical emergency.

The pages I remember most are the ones with the guys eye hanging down on his cheek. Literally. He had his eye poked out and it was laying on his cheek attached by the retinal cords.


Now my brother has decided to become a First Responder. He is going through the classes. Mom says it is a lot different than it was when they had their training.

I should think so.

Anyway, I hope if I am ever in that situation I can respond as well as Johnny did. As a mom, I have seen my share of medical emergencies, but that is different. When it is one of your kids, "Mom mode" takes over. I don't even have to think...just take care of the child.

I take that back - I did panic once. When Anthony hit the parked car (long story) and he was laying in the road bleeding. The paramedics were already there. And all I wanted to do was get to him. I had to be physically restrained from trying to get to him.

That is a day I will never forget.


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