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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Home Again

We finally made it home on Monday. It is so nice to sleep in a real bed!

I have lots to tell you and lots of pictures. I will be setting up a photoblog for all the pics. So those of you on dial-up don't have to wait forever for this blog to open.

To top everything off, we are moving. We are looking for a house a little closer to where Asshole works. It would make things easier on all of us.

Hope all is well in your world and I will write a lot more later.


At 8/12/2004 10:36 AM , Blogger A BOY & HIS TOY said...

HAHA! "the asshole" love that!! LOL Welcome home... Yes your own bed is always great to be back in especially after being gone that long. -Jason


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