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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Accident Update

So the body shop man called...they stopped counting the damage at $4500. My car is only worth about $3000, so it is officially totalled.

I have been car shopping, but without knowing exactly how much money I am getting, it is hard to shop seriously. Right now I am torn between a 2004 Mini Cooper for $14k and a 2002 Saturn SC2 for $8k. I can afford the Saturn, but I want the Mini. Bah.

I went back to the intersection for the first time today. I stopped in the road and kind of looked around for a while. I thought there was a big pine tree on the corner. I was wrong - there is a large brick house in the way! Whoops!

Either way, there is no way I could have seen him coming before I did. Ah well, life goes on. We remain uninjured, just sore from the seat belts.


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