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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hello, All

Sorry I have not updated this week. It has been a long week. It was the first week of class and I had a lot to and work and kids!

I had to drop the one class I was really looking forward to because the professor said, "If you miss more than three days in a semester, you automatically fail." When I told him I would be going to San Diego for graduation in April, he told me to "find another class." When I told him I had a child that might get sick at home, he told me, "find another class.

So I found another class.

This one is all about American authors since the Civil War. We have started out by reading Adventures of Huck Finn by Twain. I am really enjoying this story.

I think I will really like this class.

I am also taking a great photography class from a man that served in the Navy during Vietnam. He served two tours in 'Nam as a photographer's mate. I am really excited about this class. I even went on E-Bay and bought a Canon AE-1 for this class. Woohoo!!

So I will be updating about school and with new black and white photos starting very soon.

Hope everyone else had a productive week.


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