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Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Life, Old Habits

So you know how they say old habits die hard? Apparently that is very true for me.

I have been pretty depressed lately; ever since I kicked Pat out. So my friends got together and decided I needed a night on the town.

Now, I wasn't much of a drinker in high school. And I did very little of it in my younger years. I did more once I discovered casinos in Nevada give free alcohol to anyone gambling in their casinos. Then when we moved to Minnesota, I found there wasn't much else to do besides drink. And while I never did tons of drinking, I was known to tie a good one on now and then.

When Pat went to jail a few years back for an old (14 years old) warrant for DUII, my friend Karon and I started going out every weekend and drinking heavily. I missed Pat and it was the only way I could get through it.

Well, Pat is gone again (even though it is my fault this time), so I went drinking last night. And I did a lot of drinking.

We started at a nice little bar on the south side of town. We stayed there and had something to eat and our first couple of drinks. After we had been there about 1/2 an hour, this large (loud) group of people came in. They were all about 40-50 years of age. We found out later they were doing a Pub Crawl.

Anyway, this one guy (Bruce) came over to talk to us. He was a big man with a big grey beard and a big pot belly. He asked if we were gamblers and we all said no, but he persisted. So I finally said I would bet him a quarter. He said, "I bet I have your name tattoed on my ass." I had already figured out the joke, but no one else had, so I said, "Prove it." He proceeded to drop his pants right there in the bar. And sure enough, he had "Your Name" tattoed on his ass.

Then he holds out his index finger and his middle finger. "Do you know why women should always use these two fingers to masturbate with?" No, we asked. "Because their mine!"

From there, we drove downtown and did some major drinking. From what I was told, we hit at least five bars. Saw some very good looking men and one GORGEOUS female bartender named Erica.

For most of the night I drank Jaeger Bombs and Windsor & Coke. Except at some point somebody gave me a shot of house tequila.

That did me in. I started puking at the last bar (in the bathroom, thank the Gods!). I continued puking in the street. Lucas came to get me (pre-arranged designated driver!) and took me home. OMG I was wasted. I passed out in my bed and woke up at 8:30 this morning to puke again. I was still drunk at that point. Thank goodness I had remembered to ask for a bucket next to my bed.

I am still not feeling real great, but I am feeling a LOT better than I was earlier today.

And I still want to go back to find Scott the bartender at that one bar. He said I could come get him when he got off work at three.


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